Friday, July 18, 2008

For those who are sceptical of my 135 hp being able to keep up with STI's, Speed3's and Evo's, here is a quick example of the calculations behind it. This chart simply shows that though a 2007 WRX STI with 316 hp has a respectable p/w ratio of .95 which means it has about 1 HP for every 10 lbs. The Deathcab on the other hand may only have 135 hp but it has a p/w ratio of .91. meaning that i have approximately 1 hp for every 10 lbs. Performance will be exptrememly comperable.

Admitedly, this will not represent the outcomes of a drag race 100% but it will give you a general idea. This chart does not take into acount your altitude pressure or temperature variation, it does not account for gearing or human hesitation at the drag "tree". Infact, if you take gearing into account. The bug would have an advantage being geared so low.