Monday, February 25, 2008

Deciding on the project

This project has been so much fun! I had the goal of making something "fast" with $3000.00. I have an old Pontiac Fiero GT which i was going to stick a V8 in, or supercharge... this project would have blown my budjet so i decided to go with an older car.. something light weight. so I did some research.

Bugs are cheap and light weight. when i heard about some of the conversions that have been done, i was sold on the idea. I bought an ugly '72 bug with a crack in the crankcase. i brought it home and decided to paint it up like a taxi. i sanded it down with 80 grit for a rough finish and painted it with a semi gloss black. with "Taxi" on the side and a taxi light from Ebay this car was well on its way to origionality. for the swap, i wanted to try something new. something that nobody does. instead of the common 2.2L subaru or th wankel rotary, i put a 1.8L subaru motor in my bug with a turbocharger from a WRX. which spools up quickly and produces a lot of horsepower. For carburetion, i put a 40 DCOE sidedraft. with all this and the custom, steightpiped 3" exhaust this bug is now a beast!

I cant go anywhere withough attracting the attention of 90% of the people on the road..